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12-18-2012, 05:58 AM
I know one thing for sure, I started a new account and reached level 24 to start a KDF toon. This toon started as Commander in a poorly fitted BoP. They gave me a couple of BOffs, but little XP to train them. I had to bring my main over to run misisons with that toon to get it going. They gave me some gear, but it was all crap. It was even set up so you can't go straight through mission progression without coming up short on XP and having to rerun a few.

I realized then this is the single biggest uphill challenge I have seen in this game. For every account that decides to start a KDF toon, I understand completely why they stop and the KDF needs people.

As long as this obsticle is in the road, I don't see anything happening any time soon, and I don't see Cryptic doing anything about it. So if nothing changes, there is no point in hoping (read: putting faith in) anything getting better on STO only other faction.

... but hey, what do I know....