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Originally Posted by pup1980 View Post
Funny. I still love this thread.
Likewise - and the fact that it is still popular, and receives frequent replies, speaks volumes.

Anyway - played ISE earlier, and it proved to be an interesting one. Myself (using my sci captain in the Vesta) a Borg-ified Odyssey, a Patrol Escort, a Fleet Defiant and a Bortasqu. Very high DPS overall, but this led to one of those instances where overconfidence nearly ruined things.

The first cube went boom very quickly, and I hesitated before flying to cube above the left generator - only managed to fire off one HYIII before that one exploded too.

This meant that those producing the highest DPS were blasting the transformers, reducing theirs to very low numbers in a very short space of time. Needless to say, they popped theirs whilst the rest of us were still giving the ones we were focused on everything we had. Thankfully, the Fleet Defiant broke off and concentrated on the one I had been shooting at (and had only managed to reduce to 25% in that time!) allowing me to turn my attention to the approaching nanite spheres - popped GWIII at them, in conjunction with my Vesta's Graviton Shield and a spread of Tric mines, to keep the spheres away. Thankfully the last transformer (left side) had been dealt with by the time the GW and my other interventions had expired.

The Fleet Defiant had, however, already made his way to the second cube, closely followed by the Patrol Escort, and by the time the rest of us reached the right-side cube it was, again, already near-'death'. A very near repeat of what had occurred on the left-side enused and we turned our attention to the gate, though the Bortasqu and Patrol Escort went for the cube instead.

Turned out this worked pretty well, as the three of us tackling the gate managed to pop it quite promptly and we joined the other two, with the tac cube reduced to 45%, to finish things off.

So not really a bad one, though one where those producing obviously high DPS, whilst VERY impressive, were not really the best team players - yes, their DPS was great but it seemingly resulted in them having no real regard for the rest of the team.
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