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12-18-2012, 05:53 AM
2 reasons why it does not pay out to use single cannons neither in PVP nor PVE

PVP you win through high burst dmg...not time on target. Now i wouldn't say that single cannons arent viable for PVP, but burst is king...if you have a grp setup where single cannon would make sense, because of something go for it. But high dmg numbers mean nothing if you can't actually kill anything.

PVE, does it matter what fireing arc you have? No, you can even do elite stfs with a 6 turnrate ship equipped with DHC...since you do not need to move much actually. ofcourse this example is rather extreme, but turnrate in stfs is not the most important thing...dmg is.

so in my opinion, do it if you like, but i think improving how you maneuver your ship is the improvement you should work on.
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