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12-18-2012, 05:58 AM
Isn't it about time people quit whinging about this? Hell, I'm not exactly fond of the lock boxes myself (having spent close to ?30 on a bunch of keys some time ago). Out of all the keys I've purchased, and all the boxes I've opened, I've never once got more than Duty Officers, Lobi Crystals or Skill Point Boosts.

I've also transferred a fair bit of dilithium to zen for the cause too, and again have purchased a whole bunch of keys though this route. Alas, once again, in an unsuccessful attempt. I would easily say I've opened well over 100 boxes in my time, though not once have I been lucky. I transferred dilithium because I refused to spend real money on chance. Chance wasn't working out for me in the slightest, so I figured I needed a cheaper route if I was going to get anywhere. As it turns out, that didn't work either.

As of last week, I devised a new strategy. Save using dilithium for zen, I'd go right into the exchange and buy some unlock keys from there (most of which came in at around 1.2 million a piece). I think, over the last two weeks or so, I've probably got through 25 - 35 keys, and again, nothing. I even exchanged just enough dilithium (again to zen) for a single 10-pack, though to no avail.

Did I come here and whine like a little kid? No. I figure the next best course of action is, as suggested, is to simply save up enough energy credits and buy the ship outright on the exchange. For most people, the lock boxes will screw you over (as they have done me) but they are doing their purpose, people are buying them, and some are selling them on (maybe they like their energy credits). Whatever the reason, it's probably the lock boxes that are keeping the game going at the moment, because without them, the team wouldn't be getting as much money.

Thus, if you're not happy with the lock box results, do something about it instead of whining on here. You've not guaranteed a new nice ship, and Cryptic aren't obligated to give you one. You unlock these boxes and are either lucky, or unlucky. Nobody is forcing your hand in the matter, if you put real money into the game to buy the keys which in turn give you nothing, that's just tough luck. Suck it up.

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