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# 1 Combat Engineer Build
12-18-2012, 06:19 AM
I fly fleet patrol escort with this build...(energy weapons build)
engineer class with combat engineer build:

Ship: Fleet Patrol Escort
Fore weapons: 2x dual cannons , 1x dual heavy cannons , 1x cannons(all phaser type) mk XII
Deflector: maco deflector mk XII
Engine: maco engines mk XII
Shields: maco shields mk XII
Aft weapons: 3x turrets (phaser) mk XII
Devices: Subspace field modulator
Engineering Consoles: 2x plasma distribution manifold mk XI(purple) , 1x isometric charge , 1x eps flow regulator mk XI(purple)
Science Consoles: 1x field generator , 1x borg universal console
Tatical: 3x phaser relay mk XI (blue) , 1x zero point energy conduit

skill tree build:

it would be nice if you could show me where im wrong in build and how to improve it.

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