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12-18-2012, 06:36 AM
I know what you mean about the prejudices still being out there. I try to keep Jinx adhering to Starfleet's levels of acceptance when it comes to such things, but there are some things that just push people a little too far (like being presented with a child as a reward for helping someone) towards thinking 'these people aren't human/vulcon/andorian/trill/etc.

The tribe in my entry were actually meant to be fairly well civilised for a primitive people, just with a very rigid sense of obligation. Their sense of honour/obligation/whatever you want to call it meant they had been provided with a future at the hands of these outsiders. Literally the only way to repay them would be to provide the outsiders with a piece of their future, and for the outsiders to refuse, it would have been seen as an insult of massive proportions, implying that the outsiders thought very little of the tribe and that one of their own would not be 'worthy' of becoming a 'great hero'.

But, because of this strict code of conduct, Jinx's first reaction when she hears they are giving her a child is to call them savages. What she didn't see is that the child's parents had willingly gave up their child in the hopes that he becomes something great.