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Originally Posted by edwardvere View Post
How can I improve my build? Here's the build. I'm not looking for burst damage, but DPS over time/average DPS.
(i) Concerning equipment, make sure to grab an 'Assimilated Console'. The rest of your equipment is fine for PVE (Though eventually you're probably going to want to look at the Special Task Force sets: a Mk X MACO shield and either Borg or Omega Deflector/Engines would be a good place to start; and the Adapted Honor Guard Set at Tier V might be a good long-term goal.)

(ii) Concerning Damage; the biggest thing will be making sure you're always running at maximum (125) weapons power. You're already running 3 matching energy consoles; but you may want to look at that and increase it to four if you're concentrating on damage from Energy Weapons rather than Projectile Launchers or Mines.

DHCs are normally the weapons of choice on Escorts, because Escorts have the ability to equip Dual Cannons and enough maneuverability to constantly keep targets inside their narrow 45' weapon arcs. It's possible to build a working setup without DHCs... but once you start going down that route, you really might as well be flying a Cruiser or a Science Vessel instead of an Escort.

In PVE, the "ideal" Escort weapons setup will depend on what you're fighting; but generally either 4x DHCs (Fore) or 2-3 DHCs and 1-2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers (Fore) are the most effective setups. The 4x DHC setup is fairly straightforward. If you want a bit of extra burst damage, then equip one torpedo launcher (for High Yield or Spread). If you find yourself fighting from longer range, or unshielded targets (STFs) then go for 2 Launchers and a few Projectile Weapons DOFFs to increase their firing rate. Occasionally you might see someone use a Dual Beam Bank (for Beam Overload 3), this is an extremely powerful Burst damage buff; but you'll nearly always get better results over time from DHCs (using Cannon Rapid Fire) instead.

Effective PVE weapon setups in the "Rear" Arc are usually either 3x Turrets (Traditional setup) or 1x Turret and 2x Tricobalt Mines (High Burst damage setup, works very well with high-tier Dispersion Pattern Abilities). These days you might also see a Borg "Cutting Beam" equipped in place of a rear turret, since it has a 360' firing arc and has a little more punch than a standard turret.

I have attack pattern alpha, attack pattern omega 3, cannon scatter volley 2, beam fire at will 1, torpedo high yield 3, tactical team 2, target weapons subsystems 1, science team 2, engineering teams 1 and 2 (I know I need to do something about that), hazard emitters 1, and transfer shield strength 1. Getting cannon rapid volley is on my to-do list
At a minimum, you'll want HE1, EPTS1 and TT1.

Try to avoid taking Engineering Team or Science Team, since the cooldown for these is shared with Tactical Team - which is usually very important to have up constantly; instead go for 'Aux to SIF' or 'Transfer Shield Strength' since these do much the same thing (they grant a "heal" and provide a damage resistance buff).

For Tactical BOFF Abilities, you really need to match them to your weapons loadouts: if you're using Tricobalt Mines, a "Dispersion Pattern" (usually Beta) should be your highest tier ability. Next important are high tiers of Attack Pattern Beta (PVE only) and Cannon Rapid Fire. And finally, Torpedo High Yield/Spread.

Never take higher than 'Cannon Scatter Volley I' and 'Tactical Team I' - the former's only use is to turn your weapons fire into an AoE, and the latter's is to balance your shields... the damage buff provided by higher tiers is negligable.

And finally: if you aren't taking either 'Polarise Hull' or 'Tractor Beam Repulsors' in your Science BOFF, you'll probably want to take a copy of 'Attack Pattern Omega I' to allow you to escape enemy Tractor Beams.

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