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12-18-2012, 06:46 AM
I think this game is great, the devs have done amazing work, and there is a sheer range of THINGS TO DO far surpassing many other MMOs. They actually pay attention to the development of the game, compared to, oh, Champions Online...

All that said? The handling of KDF is jaw-droppingly stupid.

Personally? I'd be happy if one could start with a new account as KDF, at level 1. And don't add much of anything.

Yes, it'd be rough, but I'd rather have people struggle a little bit to get up to speed (doing the city run-around mission, PvP, maybe some early exploration missions and Foundry).

I'd like day-1 access and content. If I can't have the extra content, dear Kahless, give people access to the game without getting hip-deep in Federation.

I mean, seriously, wtf were they thinking? That's almost designed for failure.