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Originally Posted by cletusdeadman View Post
How do you scan radiation in space?

As it stands now:
Omega marks: 2900+
Rommy marks: 52

I have to be doing it wrong...

Heh. Whereas my Rom is at 900 (plenty of time to build up since I just entered the Tier 4 rep run), and my Omega is 22 (at Tier 2). But, like I said, I haven't dived into STFs yet. Plus I've been distracted by holiday stuff, so few trips out to Defera.

Scanning radiation in space - you can get a daily quest that directs you to satellites in five of the patrol systems, where you can scan for rad reports. Not sure if you need a certain rep tier, or have to do the ground based rad scanning a bunch of times first, to unlock that daily.

...honestly, I don't even necessarily want the high-end Omega stuff. I want the Borg engines (because "going faster in sector space" seems like one of the most useful abilities in the game, for everything), and because I kept seeing all these ships with wacky spikes & crap sticking out of them while I was leveling. They looked cool, and I thought "hey, I wonder where you get that!" So yeah. Go fast, and cosmetics.