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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Agreed. I did an epic Rom Mark grind the other day for the Rom Rapid-Torpedo (500 Marks) - I didn't have any marks 'cause I'd spent what I had on unlocking Mk XII Plasma DHCs/Turrets so I started from nothing - it was horrible.

Tau Dewa Patrol: 60/60 Marks.
Radiation Reports (Space): 10/10 Marks.
Tholian Red Alert: 0/30 Marks - couldn't get into it even once.
Azure Nebula: 13/?? Marks - seriously, 13 Marks? WTF?
The Atlai: 10/10 Marks
Mine Enemy: 15/?? - again, massive time-sink, pitiful rewards.
Winter Epohh hand-in: 100/200 - no crits yet.
Regular Epohh hand-in: 0/400 - did the tagging but no Marks for 4-5 days...

So that's 208 Romulan Marks - the rest I made up from - you guessed it - scanning radiation - 30 marks for 300 scans, average of 25 scans per radiation site = 120 times.

All for a *bugged* Torpedo launcher - it's pretty fair to say that I hate New Romulus
A perfect score on mine enemy during rommy marks hour nets you 120