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Here is my request - The Aegis Graviton Deflector currently most resembles a Positron Deflector Array, but is called a Graviton Deflector. I would like two stat changes to be made on it so it actually resembles a Graviton Deflector.

Graviton Deflector Array

Positron Deflector Array

Aegis Graviton Deflector

I would like the following changes to be made to it:

Aegis Graviton Deflector Array
Very Rare Ship Deflector Dish
Bind On Equip
Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+5 Shield Power Setting
+15.2 Starship Shield Emitters
+22.9 Starship Shield System
+22.9 Subspace Decompiler
+15.2 Graviton Generators

Graviton Deflector Arrays grant buffs to Subspace Decompiler and Graviton Generators. So should any set graviton deflector in the game. Right now we don't have any set deflectors that grant a bonus to Subspace Decompiler, which sucks. I hope that either this change is made, or we get a set deflector in the future that does have a bonus to [SubD].