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12-18-2012, 08:44 AM
I see.

I do a LOT of STF grinding. I've recently been wanting to get more into PvP. Since I've been gone, I was really surprised to see the new Fleet equipment available (4 modifiers????? WHAT???!!)

I guess I really just wanted to know what the community impression was on them. They seem pretty cool, especially the shields with damage reductions to multiple energy types.

Now, I do run outdated borg Antiproton beams, so I don't think moving up will be difficult. I'll probably buy fleet weapons because of the 4 modifiers and accessibility.

Equipment is another story. I currently have Mk XI Borg Ship Equipment (got it before, I still have a lot of reputation levelling to do) and the Aegis Set, as well as Mk XI MACO Engines.

In terms of versatility (STFs, PvP, general PvE) what would be a better choice: STF sets or Fleet Equipment?