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12-18-2012, 07:52 AM
I've stopped buying zen save by converting earned dill to zen, since in 80-100 keys used, I only lucked out once and got a orb weaver. In game, I ground up the dill to zen for a Armitage, Atrox, and sold everything viable I had over a SEVEN MONTH period to finally earn myself a Dkora. Too bad there's no way that you could get keys/boxes that can specifically only be bought with IRL cash for zen that would say give you a higher chance. Maybe then you could argue it'd be PTW, but hell, at least we'd know our actual spent money gave us a higher chance. And also, if you wanna talk about non-starfleet ships being rare, try parking outside of ESD. I lost count at around 20 non-Starfleet ships by it.