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12-18-2012, 08:02 AM
Looking for a bit of a change with my Vesta. Right now I'm running the build that follows, and while it works "okay" I'm just not feeling as effective as I think I could be. For whatever reason, VM 3 just doesn't feel as spectacularly helpful as I thought it would be, so I want to see my other options.

Tac Captain

Vesta Class

Fore: 3x Aux DHC
Aft: 1x Adv Fleet Beam Array, 1x Transphasic mines Mk XI, 1x Transphasic Cluster

Shields: MACO Mk XI
Engines: Borg Mk XI
Deflector: Borg Mk XI

-Eng: 2x RCS Mk XI
-Sci: Borg, Tachyokinetic, 3x Vesta consoles
-Tac: 3x Phaser Relay Mk XI

Hangar: Runabouts

Cmdr Sci: VM 3, TSS 3, HE 2, TB 1
LtCom Uni (Tac): CRF 2, CRF 1, TT 1
Lt Tac: DPB 1, TT 1
Lt Eng: RSP 1, EPtS 1
Ens Uni (Sci): Sci Team 1

Doffs: 2x VM duration, 3x EP recharge

I'm mostly interested in Boff setup changes. Things I've wondered about include Photonic Shockwave, Grav well, Tractor Beam Repulsors, replacing Sci Team with EPtW, replacing CRF 2 with Omega 1.

I want to play a hybrid support/damage role mainly. Right now I feel like I'm not quite accomplishing that.