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Wow, thanks for all the kind words, folks!

I've always figured that Starfleet, and the Federation, try very hard when it comes to cultural acceptance and so on, but don't always succeed. Heck, in the 23rd century, Starfleet's finest were tossing around phrases like "green-blooded freak" and "pointy-eared hobgoblin" (and, let's not forget, the Vulcan's aren't altogether innocent here, either; remember Sarek's put-down of the Tellarites?) So, I figure we are stuck, even in the 25th century, with a certain amount of disparaging, stereotyping, and so on. I've written Tylha herself as not being quite free of this; not exactly prejudiced, but she does have a touch of "no, honestly, some of my best friends are whiny damn pinkskins" about her....

(Tylha is Andorian... most of the time. When Q isn't messing with her genome! That's her in my avatar, photographed from her good side, the one that doesn't show the scars.)

Another thing I figure is that, since I'm trying to put across Tylha's slightly skewed viewpoint, I need to inhabit that viewpoint as closely as possible. That's why I've opted for the first-person, present-tense narration. I know it's something some readers find off-putting - I find it hard work to read, myself, sometimes - but it's the best way, I think, to put a sense of immediacy into the viewpoint - to get inside that blue, antennae-ed, partly rebuilt head. Well, that's the reasoning behind it, anyway!

Thirethequ, well, his appearance was straightforward "random alien bridge officer", but it was striking enough that I decided not to change it - and, then, deciding on his characterization, I simply went with having it absolutely what you would not expect, from looking at him. An old trick and a cheap one, but if it works, I'm not complaining. (I'm now, however, contemplating using an alien boff candidate and making a Jolciot girlfriend for him!)

Oh, and I do kind of wish my Tholian bridge actually worked the way I've described it! - get on that, devs, would you?
Ahh, that makes more sense, a way of creating the disorientation of a Tholian ship through tense... I take back what I said