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Originally Posted by chuckingram View Post
"Plasma sucks, because someone told me so, okay?" Tired, old news. Plasma has been buffed twice that I can remember for sure. The proc works just as well as any other, though differently.
I gave my reasons to explain why plasma is seen as the weakest energy type. The proc works, yes, but it's cleared by Hazard Emitters and is primarily useful against enemies that will survive the full duration of the proc (generally battleships and dreadnoughts in PvE).

In PvP, though you'll be fighting enemies that can survive the proc's full duration, they'll also likely have Hazard Emitters to negate the proc when necessary. The Omega Reputation shields also all grant bonus shield resistance against Plasma. Because PvP is the source of most highly-optimized builds and at least until recently (Advanced/Elite Fleet and Reman shields may change this eventually) they recommended shields obtained from Omega reputation (which resist Plasma damage), Plasma is/was the weakest energy type.