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12-18-2012, 09:44 AM
I like the Aventine as well, four Tac consoles are unusual for a Sci ship and she actually can pack a bit of a punch with them. I personally prefer two of the AUX cannons and the Omega torpedo in front; a Phaser Beam Array (for the subsystem targetting), a Phaser turret and the Cutting Beam aft.
I can alternate between using two tactical officers for a bit more damage, the Omega launcher likes both the Spread and the High Yield and a Scatter Volley makes the cannons very useful. A Beta attack pattern and a Tac Team on top of that - not too bad for me. Tried using Tricobalt Mines and Mine patterns with a swift placement instead of the turret but apparently that does not suit my playstyle too much - but I am willing to experiment which is something this ship kindly allows a lot.
Or I go more Sci and debuff the hell out of the opponents.

IMHO, the complete set is a useful thing to have, I find myself using the Quantum Field Focus Phaser rather often against the heavier opponents. The Graviton Shield is IMHO one of the best features of the class - those inside get energy resistance and torpedoes, pesky fighters and even ships get pushed away (which may substitute for a Repulsor Beam setup even). The Fermion field is a nice AoE heal - not really that much but every little bit helps. The set bonus compares to Ablative Armour of the Intrepid - sans torpedo fire. Good to get out of the sticky situation with a ship that does indeed have a problem with a rather fragile hull. So Hazard Emitters are a must, I think.

I went for the Advanced Danubes for her - the tractor beams of these might not be as good as they have once been but they keep things away from me or in a target lock.

In conclusion, I found her to be the best Sci ship one can get for the money, beating the Intrepid by far.