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Originally Posted by stealthrider View Post
Looking for a bit of a change with my Vesta. Right now I'm running the build that follows, and while it works "okay" I'm just not feeling as effective as I think I could be. For whatever reason, VM 3 just doesn't feel as spectacularly helpful as I thought it would be, so I want to see my other options.

Tac Captain

Vesta Class

Fore: 3x Aux DHC
Aft: 1x Adv Fleet Beam Array, 1x Transphasic mines Mk XI, 1x Transphasic Cluster

Shields: MACO Mk XI
Engines: Borg Mk XI
Deflector: Borg Mk XI

-Eng: 2x RCS Mk XI
-Sci: Borg, Tachyokinetic, 3x Vesta consoles
-Tac: 3x Phaser Relay Mk XI

Hangar: Runabouts

Cmdr Sci: VM 3, TSS 3, HE 2, TB 1
LtCom Uni (Tac): CRF 2, CRF 1, TT 1
Lt Tac: DPB 1, TT 1
Lt Eng: RSP 1, EPtS 1
Ens Uni (Sci): Sci Team 1

Doffs: 2x VM duration, 3x EP recharge

I'm mostly interested in Boff setup changes. Things I've wondered about include Photonic Shockwave, Grav well, Tractor Beam Repulsors, replacing Sci Team with EPtW, replacing CRF 2 with Omega 1.

I want to play a hybrid support/damage role mainly. Right now I feel like I'm not quite accomplishing that.

well for dealing damage, 5 particle gens and TBR3 fully tac buffed will deal a whole lot of pain, and bypass the shields. ISO charge console also runs off partical gens. but good luck fitting all that in your console slots. use APO with it, so you can move quickly and hit with it as much as possible. if currently you arent happy with how it damages, remember that a growing number of people have invincible shields right now because of the tier 4 shield passives.
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