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I reported almost 2 months ago that with the release of the new NVIDIA BETA graphics drivers there was an annoying flick for skin textures and some hull textures. I followed up that with every updated BETA driver update (4 of them) this persisted (even got worse), but was not present with the last WHQL. I got wise *** comments like "use the WHQL drivers" instead of helpful or productive comments like "someone should look into this". Now NVIDIA certified its last BETA driver 310.70 for Windows 8/7 64-bit, I had the flicker and now instead I'm in for a few seconds and I get a BSOD. This is not the first time that STO has had issues with NVIDIA drivers that I reported through out the BETA versions and then persisted into the WHQL, this happened as well when the game was still new.
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