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Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
Nobody is asking Cryptic to fix the problem but actually there is a cure. It wouldn't fix it totally because there are people who would never see that there's a problem.

Just set the STF's and Fleet Events up more like Kar'rat and Starbase 24. If you don't do anything you don't get anything. If you are getting blown up all the time then your score is reduced as well as your take. The take includes Fleet Marks, Romulan marks and Omega Marks and all the other goodies. Anotherwords just set the take up to be proportional to your performance. If your setting off 35K doing nothing and you click need or greed on an item your chances of getting it are less than none. This would weed out the farmers REAL quick. Pretty soon people would be shooting for more DPS and better builds. Bye Bye to many of the rainbows PLUS people might also start learning how to complete an event before entering it.

The players should also see the end result of the battle, who took first, second third and such. Once they see they are coming in last they might start fixing things.

But lets hope Cryptic doesn't implement this. It would take all the fun out of this forum...

the problem here is, what would you measure? it is obvious that for STFs nothing else matters than DPS. however those people, who feel useful (and even the small % who actually are) with their non-DPS support ships, would never ever get good loot. but if you do not count for DPS, then what?

I would support that you get rewards after DPS, though I do not think many escort captains would love if a sci in a sci ship would take their prizes away