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12-18-2012, 01:05 PM
At times I tend to forget how hard it was to level a KDF character when this game launched.

At game launch back in 2010 it only took me one week to max level my 1st Federation Captain with very casual play.

I wanted my 1st Character to be KDF and I did not understand why I had to create a Federation Character 1st but then I figured that I was leveling my Fed Captain so fast that it was not such a big deal.

I created my 1st KDF Character and was blown away by how crappy the Faction was implemented.

There was no Tutorial to help you understand the differences between the Federation and the KDF or help you set the direction that you'll need to develop your Character in
You were given a BOP with very little equipment and two under skilled Bridge Officers but at the time I figured it would be find because I'd have plenty of low level missions to run so I could build up my vessel and Crew.

I still remember all the laughs that I got when I was asking in chat where I needed to go to get my starting (PVE) missions.

Once the reality had set in on the vast amounts of nothing that KDF Faction had going for it I was pretty much ready to abandon the worse implemented excuse for a 2nd faction in a 2 faction MMO that I'd ever seen but for some reason I stuck around.

It took me over a month to get my 1st KDF Captain to max level.

It was bad enough that the KDF only had PVP has its only source of leveling but then the EXP that we got from PVP was much less than the amount that players got when leveling Federation Captains and at times we would be waiting in queues for hours to get in one 5 minute match.

I was able to tough out leveling my KDF Captain and it made me a much better PVP player and really made me understand the value of team work; however, I hated PVP!

Over the years the KDF has gotten a bit better but really not by very much.

Over the last few years there have been many bold statements made about how that KDF faction will be pulled off the way, way, way back burner and put on the fore front and given the attention that it deserves, I'?m still waiting on that to happen.

We flash forward to the here and now:

Let's take a look at how the KDF faction compares to KDF faction at launch:

Still no way to start has a KDF Character without leveling a Federation Captain 1st

Still no Tutorial to help set the tone for anyone brave enough to start a KDF toon

Very little low level content to help new characters gear up and gain some experience using KDF vessels

Players today are not going to want to tough out leveling a KDF Character.

If I was a new player to STO and was aware that this MMO had been around for nearly 3 years and saw how poorly developed one faction of this 2 faction game was I doubt that I'd want anything to do with the Faction let alone the MMO in question.

I'm tired of holding out hope when it comes to the continued development and growth of the KDF faction.

One would think that by now the developers has well has most players would see that both Factions are symbiotic and need each other to survive.

A Strong KDF faction can only help with this games longevity but the longer we have to wait for KDF improvements the less likely players are going to care about them.

IMO if season 8 does deliver a true KDF experience with a nice Tutorial and level 1-50 game content the faction will just be getting what it should have launched with nearly 3 years ago and it will be sad to see that it took that long to get it.

I'm hitching my cart to this magical season 8 like I've done with so many past seasons and updates that were supposed to right the ship for the KDF faction; however, forgive me if I show little to no ?Faith? that the season will deliver the results.

I really like STO and season 7 is starting to grow on me; however, whenever I sit back and take a look at how little attention my preferred faction has gotten from Cryptic over the years and all the players that I've known that have walked away from STO because of the empty words of what was to come for the KDF faction, I just can't help be feel years? worth of frustration boil to the surface.

Hope..... Hope is dead..... I expect results!