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12-18-2012, 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by mustrumridcully0 View Post
One of the most important powers in PvP has always been Subnucleonic Beam. SNB removes buffs, and a ship that is buffed with an EPtS, Hazard Emitters, Transfer Shield Strength, Auxillary Power to Structural Integrity Field, ATtack PAttern Apha and Omega, and Cannon Rapid FIre is basically neutralized with a single SNB. (A good pilot can survive it in many circumstances, and a team may carry him throught he worse cases). But NPCs? They use 2-3 buffs at best usually. You get much, much more out of an Attack Pattern Alpha.
He said PVEers only fly their ships at 10% effectiveness which is bull. Your post revolves around a skill that is a CAPTAIN ability and there fore has nothing to do with ships at all.

What were you responding to again?