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# 9 Gameplay in general overhaul
12-18-2012, 01:54 PM
No offense but the official gameplay/story of STO is absolutely terrible. A number of the foundry missions make it look like the creators of this game spent most of the time on the game just fooling around than threw something together last minute. Most of the missions can be limited to one layout. Arrive to system attacked, beam to ground battle again, beam back to ship for final conflict. That's basically what majority of the official missions are. You don't even get to make choices that reflect your character. However in the foundry with player created missions you get to make choices of how your character acts, The story is nicely tied together with the gameplay where you are doing more than just shooting people. You are also given some optional objectives to complete that changes how the story ends up. Overall I think some of the players who created some of the missions in the foundry should be the ones making the content of this online game or the original creators raise the bar to regular standards of today's games. The player made missions make you feel more atmosphere and challenges of being a starfleet captain. I did enjoy the time travel aspect of the first season though.