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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
MMmmm No.

I own the full set. I would have to say the Vesta is best at nothing. But does everything. It's like a utility belt if anything...
I've played every Science ship in this game for a pretty fair amount of time. I've seen the pendulum swing both in the direction of Science and away from it. I also own the full set and I would have to totally disagree with this. For one example, shield stripping is actually making a comeback and is a viable build on this ship simply because it has the ability to turn and can support Delta Flyers. Yes, every other Sci ship can perform variations of the same layout but it's the pets that give the Vesta an advantage.

  • Tachyon Beam
  • Charged Particle Burst
  • Concentrated Tachyon Mine Dispersal Patterns
  • Very Rare Delta Flyers
  • 2 Copies of Tractor Beam with Tractor Beam DOffs

It can also outperform any other Sci ship for holds/disables if you spec it that way because of it's ability to support pets.

  • Gravity Well
  • Eject Warp Plasma
  • Viral Matrix
  • Tractor Beam(s)
  • Danube runabouts
  • Innate Target Subsystems
  • Chronitons

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