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*T'mar turns to Sam.*

T'mar: He still has an anti-matter charge.

Sam: We only want to blow up the node, not the ship.

*She tightens her fists before releasing them.*

Okay, I've got an idea. Tell Hampton to plant that charge as close to the Command Centre as he can and run like hell to the Odysseus.

T'mar: The centre's armoured!

Sam: But I'm betting a photon torpedo can take out this Node.

T'mar: You're kidding!

*Sam begins walking toward a transporter pad, and T'mar's face goes grave.*

You're not kidding. That's suicide.

Sam: T'mar, even if that were 100% certain, this isn't just us, it's the 6 Billion people on Dagos Alpha Prime below us. We don't have a choice.

T'mar: You don't know that for certain.

Sam: Fine! It's my call and I'm making it!

*Sam steps onto the pad and T'mar follows her.*

T'mar: I hope you know what you're doing.

T'mar *In mental contact with Hampton*: Detonate the charge as close to the Command Centre as you can and run like hell to the Odysseus. We're on our way there now.

T'mar: There, done.
Hampton is almost to the hanger when he detects something in the Borg systems. And he stops he tries to access it remotely but can't.

Hampton: Hampton to Sam. Go on ahead ill beam over once I'm done. But don't wait for me either.

He heads for secondary core on the ship and kills the drones in the room. He walks over to the console and taps into it using all his concentration to st through the security. Looking for the file he glimpsed.