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Hampton is almost to the hanger when he detects something in the Borg systems. And he stops he tries to access it remotely but can't.

Hampton: Hampton to Sam. Go on ahead ill beam over once I'm done. But don't wait for me either.

He heads for secondary core on the ship and kills the drones in the room. He walks over to the console and taps into it using all his concentration to st through the security. Looking for the file he glimpsed.
*Odysseus. Sam raises the secondary shields, severing the umbilical, before opening one of the aft torpedo launchers and setting a photon torpedo to target the Power Node.*

Sam: This is going to be rough. T'mar, is everyone still aboard?

T'mar *Over comm.*: Do you know how long a headcount would take?

Sam: Okay. Get ready.

*She sets a quantum torpedo in the forward launchers to hit the weakest point of the Hull so the Fold-Jump Drive would be able to engage.*

Fire 1.

*The photon hits the Nexus, and power all over the cube begins to fail. Debris and the blast wave clash against the Shield, rocking the ship.*

Fire 2.

*The quantum hits the Wall with so much force that while the hull does breach, the explosion nearly knocks out the Odysseus' Shields with the debris finishing the job. A chunk of debris hurtles towards the bridge.*

Oh hell!

*Sam runs to the back of the bridge and grabs a handrail as the debris smashes through the front of the bridge, just stopping short of her, before the decompression sent it and half the bridge flying out the hull breach. Sam struggles to hold on and loses her grip. An emergency forcefield activates and she hits the deck just short of where the helm and ops consoles should have been. She tries to get up as she's bleeding from her forehead. Once she gets on her hands and knees, she collapses back down.*

Sam: Com... Computer. Engage... Fold-jump. Target... 10 kilometres... bearing 000 mar... mark 0.

*The ship fold-jumps and reappears 10km from the cube.*

T'mar *Over comm. worried.*: Sam? Sam, can you hear me? Captain? Captain?!

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