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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Any ship put in a lockbox automatically prevents it being used by some of us

An Andorian ship is ideal for Andorians
and perhaps a later update or fleet version could be even better

But I would be kicked out of our "gang" for STFs if I turned up in a lock box ship of any kind
(we have infact recently lost a guy who went Renegade and started using a temporal vessel)
Ummm first thing wrong with this is you kicked a guy for using a ship. Whoever did this is most likely the next Hitler. Next you say fleet ships are better then lock box ships why dose it matter. All ships are cannon except the kling lockbox temp ship and the m?bius. I don't remember a recluse but I might be wrong but by that half the C store ships can't be used. I hope it is a lockbox ship just so 50000 people won't be running around in them