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12-18-2012, 02:55 PM
Completely agree w/zerobang on all points. Personally, I used the upgrinder a little at first launch and never really have used it since. Don't really need it to get purples if you're an avid DOffer.

What I find most ridiculous is paying for general recruitments. Seriously - is Starfleet charging captains to get new recruits on their ships? Can you imagine Captain Kirk walking into the Starfleet Academy personnel office and offering up dilithium to get 5 random graduates? OK, maybe Kirk might - certainly not Picard.

The ONLY option I think is acceptable, other than reverting to free at SFA, would be to have the Starbase Personnel Officers do General Recruitment for free. Our Starbase projects should reward the fleet with something besides dilithium stores that you can't get elsewhere.

IMHO, Starbase chefs should offer all possible replicator items, Starbase bartenders should offer all possible replicator items, Starbase Security Officers should take 3 instead of 5 contraband turn in (the "old" price) in exchange for dilithium, Starbase Personnel Officers should give free general recruitments, Cultural Exchanges should return uncommon or better DOffs, ... you get the idea. A lot of resources have been poured into these starbases, with nothing truly rewarding in return.
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