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12-18-2012, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by picardtheiii View Post
I don't understand why Nadion Inversion needs a cooldown of 180s.

It isn't that great already, and now on top of that you can only use it very occasionally.

Rather than buff it I believe the CD should be dropped to 120s. Or at a maximum 150s.

"It isn't that great already..."

ROFL. You obviously don't play an Engineer, or if you do, you don't do so effectively. Nadion Inversion combined with EPS Transfer buff essentially can increase an Engi's broadside DPS by 50-90%. The reduced power consumption alone makes it powerful. Add on it protects you from external drains makes it an amazing ability.

If you reduce the cd (as much as I would want for this to happen), it has the potential to cause too large of an imbalance in power and could possibly make engineers too powerful.

But please, don't insult it by saying it's not that great. It's one of the best Engineer captain abilities in existence.
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