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12-18-2012, 03:38 PM
They wouldn't have been able to unlock T5 yet. You're looking at 100k Rep XP. Even sitting on the 20hr (remember they did not start that way) timers, they wouldn't be there quite yet.

As is, the Hyper-Plasma is not in the game yet - there's a "placeholder" torp there that's not part of the set- so no bonus. It's in the Trib notes for today that it's been replaced - so the stats might be available for it from somebody on Tribble.

As for the store unlocks, the Romulan Plasma are Plasma damage with both a Disruptor and Plasma Proc. They're not Disruptors with a Plasma Proc like the mission weapons - they're Plasma with a Disruptor Proc.

The cost of the Mk XI are 20,540 Dil while the Mk XII are 28,540 Dil...each.