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Have you ever played League of Legends? If so, you will know that in a game like that, with a hard cap on defense, each added point to armor adds less to your defense... which is basically what I said in my most recent post...

They did this system to make it very hard to reach the resistance cap. You literally need to have 200 resistance to hit the 75% hard cap. It makes sense if you've played games that do that.
200? Keep going.

Basic damage reduction = 12.7%
+ Diburnium Mk XII (35 * 5) armor = 60.4%
+ Aux2SIF3 (54) + Polarize Hull (62.8) + Subspace field modulator (34) = 68%

Well over 300 in resist value.

I don't understand their logic on this personally. The penalties for using basic armor isn't very significant. Most ships max out at 4 layers of armor, which would only be a penalty of about 8% if you're using all neutronium. Their diminishing returns system instead has vastly more impact on how much you benefit from temporary abilities if you're already using physical armor. As in makes them worth much less. For example there's almost no practical difference between high aux power and low aux power, or ability level, when using Aux2SIF and Polarize if your damage reduction is already pushing 50%. But how is obscenely high damage resistance a problem if it only lasts 10 seconds? Also, shield damage reduction doesn't seem to have this same problem.