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Oh I agree that dating her is hard and the life boats are of interest, but as to the dating I was going off the fact at least 6 Steamrunner class starships were lost during the Battle of Sector 001 which took place in year 2373, given the time it takes for a starship to go from development to production I think my range is variable but accurate.

Lets take the Galaxy class you mentioned, the Galaxy project was approved in 2343 with 3 ships planned at the time, the USS Galaxy, USS Yamato and USS Enterprise. The USS Galaxy didn't leave spacedock till 2356 and wasn't officially commissioned till the following year. The Enterprise didn't leave spacedock till 2358 and wasn't officially commissioned till 2363. Looking at the Galaxy alone puts development to production time at around 14yrs for the first ship with another 5-6yrs build time per additional ship. Now if we consider the Steamrunner is smaller and less advanced then a full Galaxy class cruiser then its reasonable to consider around a 10yr development to production time with another 3-4yrs build time per additional ship, which does not place the Steamrunner development/production before, but definitely around/during the same time as the Galaxy.

Either way its only a difference of 5-10yrs if we go by the life boat argument, it still places the Steamrunner towards the end of her operational runtime which is still valid to my original argument. Besides who says the Steamrunner class wasn't the hull used as the test bed for that particular life boat system? I love starship design debates so lets see if we can't get the Steamrunner some design love
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