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12-18-2012, 05:53 PM
So given that some of those Omega/Romulan Tier powers are set in stone once purchased, and given that they will likely be nerfed/improved as time goes on, will we be seeing respec tokens to address Tier powers we selected?

I mean if Officer Joe got the Superior Shield Repair skill after seeing what it does in the game with other people, and then turns around and finds out it now only does a fraction of the healing after the patch, Officer Joe is kind of stuck and maybe he wants to get the other power now instead.

That's the problem with having 'permanent' unlocks that can't be changed -- if Cryptic decides to screw around with them, we're stuck with their decision and can only make informed selection at whatever state said powers/abilities are currently in, and have no control if they change at all (especially unfavorable change) in the future.

I'm all for reading the patch notes and dev discussions, but even the best of us can't accurately predict the future on what Cryptic will or will not do with permanent set-in-stone powers.  39147