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12-18-2012, 06:59 PM
Originally Posted by deusemperor View Post
"262.5 shield regeneration every 6 seconds."

Really over compensating. Yes I'm in space and checked it. Reason why superior shield regen was op was because it was 1200+ shield regeneration every 1 second.

You basically mad that ability 10.5 times weaker! Perturbed I am. 600 regen every 6 seconds would be okay. Would be 8 times weaker.

I'm in a breen cruiser. Escorts probably even less healing. One shot from a dhc does more damage then this heals.

What is the flamethrower turret?
...Did...Did Cryptic even listen...AT ALL? The problem wasn't the amount healed, it was the fact that the heals were occurring EVERY SECOND instead of every 6 seconds. All they had to do was change it to heal ~1000 per 6 seconds. Then from there, they could see if it's still overpowered or not and make the appropriate adjustments to balance it out.

Instead, this passive is now completely useless. And this is going live tomorrow? What the heck Cryptic...
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