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12-18-2012, 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by verlaine11 View Post
You can respec your rep passives, if you have a token, goto the respec person and use the clear all button and put things back but with at least 1 change as it wont allow you to press the accept button, once you have reset those then go to the rep page and repick - i did that earlier
That's very informative. I was not aware of this.

So I guess the next question is -- are we going to see free respec tokens when they drastically alter gameplay mechanics, now that the reputation tier powers can be cleared with them?

Cryptic has at one point given free respec tokens when they signifigantly altered gameplay mechanics and systems regarding the skill tree. I don't see why reputation powers should be excluded.

I know it'd affect their profits by offering free respec tokens when they could just make Officer Joe buy a token if he's unhappy with the way they changed his reputation power. But it'd be the ethical thing to do.  39147