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On an Escort approx 260 so times that by four for each shield facing 1040/6 = 173.3333 (to get one second). Lets assume the enemy is doing 5000dps to you if so thats 5000-173.333 = 4826.667. 4826.667/5000*100 then take 100 and times that by -1. Which makes 3.5% Resist. Higher if the dps is less, lower if the dps is more, so its not terrible for a passive but it isn't anywhere near as good as the +30 to weapon damage.

What I want to know though is wiether the other tier 4 Omega passive works with only DEM, the bleedthrough only works with DEM or it works with any energy weapon (or just cannons or something)?

Edit: Against borg the passive would be as good as +30 weapon damage since borg don't do anywhere near 5000dps usally, was speaking from a PvP standpoint. Cryptic did listen to certain people who were right in saying the passive at 1000 was to powerful.

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