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Originally Posted by kirahitomi View Post
Oh I agree that dating her is hard and the life boats are of interest, but as to the dating I was going off the fact at least 6 Steamrunner class starships were lost during the Battle of Sector 001 which took place in year 2373, given the time it takes for a starship to go from development to production I think my range is variable but accurate.
Enterprise-E was present at 001 and was launched in 2371. The only reason she wasn't part of the initial attack was because Starfleet Command didn't have confidence in her captain. Jordy stated that she'd been "out in space for nearly a year". So by the time the battle at 001 rolled around, even Enterprise-E was nearly a year in commission.

So Steamrunners and Akiras built in 2370/2371 could've been about the same age and well ready by 2373.

If we had Steamrunners coming online in the 2370s (Which makes sense, since Starfleet seemed to be undergoing a major modernization in the 2370s. We see new ships like Intrepid, Nova, Sovereign, Akira, Steamrunner and Norway all popping up about the same time), and we give her a 50 year hull-life (Which is on the low-end since we have Federation ships still in service that're 100+ years old..), then in 2409, which is the year STO is currently in, Steamrunners built in 2370s would still be in their prime.