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Originally Posted by chuxx500 View Post
I just used the Ultimate Game Card and it charged me 68 cents so I had to use a second card just to get the first to even work.

I received the 15% bonus ZEN and then decided to use up as much of the remaining balance to buy ZEN so I bought 1000 and 500 ZEN.

In the Ultimate Game Card site it showed the 15% bonus but when I checked the balance at PWE there was no bonus ZEN included.

I now have a balance at Ultimate Game Card of $3.84 I can't use and only 3800 ZEN for my $40 when I should have had 4600 ZEN or at least 4025 if the bonus had worked correctly.

So ya, great promotion!!!

Stay away from this ripoff!
It is not a ripoff. You clearly did something wrong.

I have always bought my Zen from UGC, and never have encountered any issues like the above. Ever. On top of that, the bonus 15% for the current promotion has yet to fail to apply for me.
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