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Originally Posted by mattmiracle View Post
Ok everyone, I think I have found an issue "IF" you buy the $25 Ultimate Game Card (which the store I buy from has plenty of them).

When you go to redeem the $25 card, there is no $25 option. So, per customer support, you do two different amounts (a $20 and $5). The $20 amount goes through fine and the bonus is applied to the order.

Here is the problem ...

The $5 remaining balance is turned into "Ultimate Points". When you go back through and choose the Ultimate Game card $5 card, the Zen shown is the right amount with bonus but when you apply the "Ultimate Points" it will only give you the 500 Zen and not the 575.

I will submit a ticket with billing as before but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.
Correct. If you run into an issue with the bonus on the $5 portion, reach out to billing support and they'll be happy to assist and provide the proper bonus if it was an Ultimate Game Card prepaid card redeemed during the promotion period.


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