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12-18-2012, 08:07 PM
Well, we know that the devs are working towards a Tier 6 project, likely a command and control ship which would allow you to use your other ships by promoting officers. So in a sense you get the best of both worlds - a fleet admiral commanding his own small task force based on ships in his collection.

And if non-cannon sources are allowable by CBS, then why not look at the ships from Federation & Empire?

The Klingon B2 Dreadnaught. Largest built by the empire - so large in fact only 2 were completed, and the third was used only half built. Essentially it was a battleship who's forward command area could separate and operate as a battlecuiser. It looked like the old D7, but was 8-10 times larger. If memory serves, it was designed to take on starbases and win.

Or the Klingon Mauler? basically a giant gun with engines....