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# 1 season 8 tweet leeks starting
12-18-2012, 08:27 PM
soooo... following obscure threads..apparently season 8 is in discussion and the tweet leak is along the lines of Season 8 so much story OMG.. with coments on the tweet leek thread of "jaw dropping through floor" from another dev.

I will permit myself to hope..if season 8 is the season of the KDF maybe... just maybe...

No Must Resist, Must Not Hope.. Hope Leads to desire, Desire Leads to Dissapointment, Dissapointment leads to anger.. anger leads to many many many more uber negitive posts on the boards...

..betcha thought I was gonna say the Dark side.. Nope, not gonna happen.. 1. wrong universe.. 2. Already KDF and there anyway..

still... If they are gonna leak and it is KDF content.. NOW would be a very good time..

for Roddenberys sake tell us Stahl..yes, we just might gloat a little.. its not like we haven't earned the right many times over...

Khemaraa sends.

P.S. we of course will start getting tortured with hints now over the next several months.
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