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12-18-2012, 08:34 PM
Here's my predictions for S8:

First and foremost, both J'mpok and Quinn are killed. One spectacularly, the other suddenly. The admiral who replaces Quinn, though technically qualified for the job, turns out to be useless in the clutch and blunders the war efforts on several occasions, forcing the Federation into a retreat. A mysterious Orion woman with vague but potent powers, however, makes an appearance and begins to aid the new Fleet Admiral in his strategic decisions.

Meanwhile, J'mpok's family is in a rough place. It has come to light that a more influential cousin of his has been having an incestuous relationship with a lesser member. The shame and dishonor weighs heavily on the House of J'mpok and causes dissension among the already loosely held together Klingon Alliance. Further complicating matter is the nefarious dealings of Melani D'ion, who has begun making more overt vies for power in the KDF. Surgical assassinations of seemingly random KDF personnel are taking place, leading to odd shifts in power in unexpected locations.

At the same time Adm. Quinn and J'mpok are slain, an assassin attempts to kill D'tan of New Romulus. The assassin did not count on a surprise visit from Obisek, however; the Reman's telepathy outed the would-be killer before he could get close to D'tan. Unfortunately, before the assassin could be apprehended, she ingested a chemical that utterly destroyed her DNA, rendering her unidentifiable. She did leave one clue; audio of what is assumed to be explatives in an unknown language was caught by D'tan's computer, as he was interrupted in the middle of a log entry.

Oh and the Kuvah'magh hatches some dragons or something.