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Hi everyone,

I'd love some advice I recently purchased the above ship and want it to be a pvp/pve ship. Please review my build and let me know what you all think, I haven't done much pvp, and predominantly have flown cruisers until I recently got mobius.

This is my rough idea.

3 x fleet ap DHC
1 x fleet quantum launcher

3 x fleet ap turrets

Full Borg set (shields, engines and deflector)

Devices - red matter capacitor, subspace module


Com Tac - HYT1, CSV1, TS3, APO3
Lt com Tac - TT1, CRF1, TS3
Tac Ens - TT1
Lt Eng - EPTS1, EPTSif1
Lt Sci - HE1, TSS2

As for my other slots.

Tac 5 x the highest AP mags I can afford
Sci - shield mod, Borg console, or temporal console or remen console.
Eng - armour plus kin resist, cloak console, another dps console with crit

Thanks in advance