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Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
Guys comming from someone who has had the Ship since the 1st week it was out and tried 100's of builds for it there is only one setup for this beast as far as wepon and Equipment . 4 DHC Poloron XII purple (Fleets are nice) 3 XII purple poloron Turrets rear. and the Jem set.
5 XII purple Poloron Tac consoles. 2 XII Neutronium purple consoles 2 Monotonium XII Consoles. 1 XII Purple Field Gen. you can swap one Eng console for an RCS or the Borg console. Or put in Electroceramic for STF's
My choice of skills are.
Commander Tac: TT1, CSV1,TT3,CRF3 (TT3 gives you %30 boost to wep's)
LT UNI: SCI: PH1 to break holds or ST1 for shield regin, HE2

This build gives you 2 shield and 2 hull heals or the polorize hull if you need to break tractor beams. So if you hit TT3, APB, EPW1 and CRF3 and just for fun a large wep batt nothing will survive. You can kill Naniote probes in CSE without having to slow to a stop. Borg Spheres take about 5-7 seconds to kill. I can solo the TAC cube on Infected normal. Its all around a bad mofo.
no need for beams or torps, just hard fast purple DPS.

I just crunched some numbers here.

TT3 gives + 30 rather than TT1's + 18 to weapons. But that's not % damage. TT3 is a ~3.3% damage boost, TT1 is a 2.0%.

Also, your build has way too many team abilities. You can replace science team with transfer shield strength, engineering team with aux to SIF, and have them running all the time.