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With the announcement of the Dominion lockbox which caught some folks by surprise (they were expecting a Breen lockbox - but oddly enough, the Breen were part of the Dominion and the way the Ferengi work...they could be Breen ships from back then when they were part of the Dominion)...and the discussion of adding another carrier. Not just any carrier, mind you - but the Sarr Theln.

It was along the lines of the discussion and speculation about what Breen ship would be given out during the Winter Event. Quite a few people joked (or were serious) about the Sarr Theln with the Bleth Choas fighters.

So one thing that's kind of remained a dividing line between Starfleet and KDF carriers has been:

ADR vs. ASD.

Offering a crossfaction Sarr Theln - thus giving the Feds Bleth Choas fighters... well, you're no longer looking as much at that ADR vs. ASD. Then add in whatever the crossfaction console would end up being (likely the Nadeon for KDF and then... AA/Leech/reworked Bio for Fed) - and well... that's where I was seeing the problem.

Earlier in the year I was fighting for the Vesta as a shuttlecarrier. I even acknowledged the possibility of a Heavy Escort Fighter Carrier - some folks brought up variations of the Akira that functioned that way...tada, the Armitage came along. I thought the Kitty Karrier was an April Fool's joke and still laugh whenever I see a Schlong Ship.

Having been in too many fights with pairs of Recluses with the odd Atrox and Armitage thrown in... seeing the Vesta added into that... and then the possibility of the Fed Drain Sarr Theln...?

That's the issue I have with carriers.

But like I said, I think it's more likely that they'll go with the Heavy Escort or even the Battle Cruiser. Doesn't mean the Sarr Theln won't arrive down the road... but for the Dominion lockbox and whatever comes along in the Lobi store... I don't think we're there yet.
I really don't think they'll be adding a Breen carrier to the game. Aside from the fact the last patch updated the Phased Polaron weapons to be read as "Dominion Polaron Weapons" and that the winter ship was already a Breen ship, I'd say a heavy escort or cruiser is more likely. In a previous Ask Cryptic when asked about upcoming ships DStahl mentioned A (as in one) Breen ship that's nearly ready (what I imagine is the Chell Grett) and an Andorian ship before alluding to others. Not that he couldn't have omitted it, but wouldn't it make sense that he'd say there were a few Breen ships in the pipeline?

I'd say it's about as likely we get a Sarr Theln as we do a Karemma ship or some junk. I guess those fighters siphon?