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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
It also doesn't work that way.

If you where not teamed with anyone then any drop of Christmas items found when you pick up the snowballs is only for you and can only be access by you.
Someone can not come along and steal them.
ehm no others do get your stuff if you don't loot it faster, some say you auto loot, that's not true either i can stair hours to the lootbox if i don't click it i get zip!

Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
The logical opposite of this is that you could receive "someone else's" items. How many people have you "ripped off" by "taking" "their" drops?

If you're assuming that whenever an item drops from the pile it gets randomly allocated to someone that's digging at that pile, you have the same chance as anyone else there.

Items aren't yours until they're in your inventory.
ehm yeah possible, but then again its a design flaw imo, and lately cryptic is making more bugs then ever, what the hell can't they code a simple event anymore, or better yet if this is like it needs to be, then by GOD fire that dev who came up with that idea!
takes forever to get items and then to see someone loot it faster lol, bad idea!
then again its Q who made the event right, i can see this work like this then ... oh shoot just gave cryptic the way out to not fix it! its Q damz.