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12-18-2012, 11:32 PM
I have my Loot set to Auto...

I've shared many a snow pile and have yet to see anybody 'rip me off'.

My only complaint is that it seems that the drop rate this week, is less than it was last week.

I know The Cereal has stated that there has been no change..

But I am certainly not getting the same quantity of of items in the same length of time, that I was getting last week.

I managed to acquire both the snow weapons within the first few days simply by treading through the piles for a couple of hours each day. (and three or four Mega-Frosty encounters)

This week with another toon I have barely managed to scrape together half of the necessary numbers in just about the same amount of time. (even with many more MF encounters)

Today I put all of my acquired holiday items into my Account Bank simply to be able to finally get the Avalanche gun for the toon I've been using since Friday.

I don't really care if the numbers have been tweeked, but at least be honest about it.
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