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The starbase project to place a Personnel Officer on board requires no less than 30 white bridge officer candidates, ten from each branch. (They also all have to be human, for some reason (specist!), but that's a relatively minor quibble.)

Here's the thing:
Common white BOffs are, paradoxically, hard for anyone but new characters to come by. The Duty Officer assignments to interview new candidates, even if deliberately failed, have a minimum level of green. I am sitting on a mailbox full of nigh-worthless blue officers - literally over a hundred in total, which I have saved in the vain hope that they may someday be good for something - each of which sells on the glutted exchange for perhaps 200 EC. White BOffs go for a hundred times that, due to their rarity and the need for them for this project, when they can be found at all.

(Oh yes, almost forgot, you can also get them at the ESD vendor... for 240 dilithium a pop. Ugh. Not so much compared to the rest of the starbase dilithium grind, but PWE forbid we get anything without spending Dil on it.)

Please review this requirement and allow us to submit bridge officer candidates of any quality, not just the "common" but actually quite rare (unless you happen to be leveling and/or farming a new character) whites.
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