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12-18-2012, 10:38 PM
People have to remember that this is Star Trek. You're going to spend as much time looking at your ship as you are your toon, maybe more. If your toon was missing eye textures or had gigantic black square blotches on his/her cheek, people would complain, and rightfully so.

Just look at how many threads have popped up--just from the winter event--about tiny little things. Winter jacket clipping with this, scarf clipping with that..In my opinion, the ship is just as important as the toon, and should be as perfect as it can possibly be.

Look at some of the Bridge Commander models. Many of them were knocked out in less then a week, have high-resolution textures and look incredible.

Why can't that be done now?

I understand there's only one ship modeler and they're doing the best they can, but pretty major issues are being swept under the rug and being "blamed" on canon. Like the lack of floodlights on the Steamrunner's registry. It's "canon". Because a 20 year-old low-poly low-resolution background model didn't have them..Or the bow shuttlebay is missing because the reference photos used were of ILM's model converted to (and screwed up by) Maya.

Cryptic, if you guys need help, ask. I'm sure there are plenty of people in the community with at least moderate modeling/texturing experience that'd be more then happy to help for very little in return. I know I could fix all of the Steamrunner's problems in lightwave in about a half hour..And I'd do it too, given the opportunity. For free..

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