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12-19-2012, 12:42 AM
ohhh you need to go back a few more months.. he specificly stated several months back that season 8 was slated for a very great amount of KDF specific content.. go look back about from june forward and you'll find it.

ANd the join date under my avater image is incorrect.. I've been posting and playing for over three years now... and I've read every ask Cryptic etc thats ever been written.. which is why I seem somewhat negative.. We KDF have heard stuff before.. but several months back he did all but swear up and down season 8 was going to be the KDF season.

He's been getting his nipples worked in a number of public veues over the last year about the lack of KDF content.. One of the reason STO'ked stoped was the disapointing treatment of the KDF by the studio..J man never out and out said it, but he left a lot of clues to his unhappiness with what Cryptic wasn't doing. When THE most watched/listened to pod cast concerning your product gives up on you its time to start paying attention. Several podcasts have put the question to him continuously over the last year of "How about them Klingons" awareness has grown that the lack of KDF content IS hurting the game. so.. I have a little hope..maybe, just maybe this time he wasn't lying.

of course, some just call that salesmanship/product promotion.. Trek Klingon fans don't quite see it that way..

Old Klingon Proverb.. If You Don't want a thing heard, then don't say it.

he's said it many times..tooo many times with little or no followthrough.. so thats why you see the bitter and angry postings on the KDF section of the forums..

that back rounds is for the few reading here that might not be aware.
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